5 Dumb Things Not To Use In The Subject Line Of Sales Emails

5 Dumb Things Not To Use In The Subject Line Of Sales Emails

Buyers today are very well aware of stereotypical ways salesmen contact organizations. There is an overdose of things like “15 minutes’ in the subject line, or “outreach” that is just annoying. We are going to be discussing words or phrases people still use in sales emails that makes them look really dumb.

1) “Re”

Ever received this before? It used to be an amazing tactic to trick people into believing they had conversed before. However, today, a simple search will catch the scam and bring a bad taste to the mouth. Don’t, it will be very embarrassing if you get caught in a lie before a deal even starts.

2) “Great Deal”

Great deal emails are always a no deal emails. Usually companies or e-commerce platforms send them out especially because they can’t sell their stuff, so they are trying to get them out in a bulk. Also, buyers know that the sender is a seller trying to convince him to buy something he doesn’t need and that is a bad impression to start with.

3) “Quick Call”

The buyer assumes that you are a pushy sales man sending out massive emails to strangers or corporations he doesn’t know. Customize, don’t use the oldest subject line in the book. Make sure you cross this off of your list of “best sales subject lines” at once.

4) Anything Misspelt

You might be thinking, obviously, with Google spell check and Microsoft word, who would make a spelling mistake. Well, fortunately, a lot of sellers end up making lots of mistakes including misspelling words. This includes the subject line, where people misspell names and words. Google it.

5) “5 minutes/10 minutes/15 minutes”

This doesn’t really work. Why do you want to sell someone time? Rather than selling value, many sellers wish to sell time. This has no significance to the buyer. The salesman should try more expressing value for money, like I would like to meet you for a while to discuss how our product can improve your appraisal system by 30%.

So you learnt five new things today that you shouldn’t add in your subject lines. Happy Sales.

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