How ESIPICK helped RIZQ reach its mission to stop food waste

How ESIPICK helped RIZQ reach its mission to stop food waste

Problem is wastage of food

When we talk about food production and food distribution there are two different sides of the picture that we see in Pakistan. One reality is that Pakistan is an agrarian society with 22% undernourished population and the other reality is that there are ever increasing number of restaurants and eateries popping up at each corner in the city. So one thing is clear that food is plentiful, the problem lies in its unequal and disproportionate distribution.

“RIZQ” The Solution to the Problem

At a very micro level, we can give our leftover food to our watchman or maid instead of piling it up in our refrigerator. An alternative to this could be that in case of a bigger portion of leftover food, the useable food be properly packed and given to someone needy. Imagine putting in place a system whereby the people with excess leftover food be connected to those who are hungry and in need of a healthy meal. If you are with me on this, then think no more; for our client’s project RIZQ is doing just that. The leftover food at a certain restaurant, after its daily closing, will be checked for quality, packed into portions and distributed to the needy. This model has been applied to food from banquet halls, weddings and private parties as well.

How ESIPICK played its Part

We have been able to build a reputation of providing sincere consultancy and user friendly e-solutions. This client came to ESIPICK for the development of their mobile application and website. In the initial discussion we were basically concerned about the listing of core features of the website and mobile application. We decided that the users should be connected, through GPS navigation, with the admin so that the exact location of food pick up can be determined. Secondly, this location has to be communicated to the delivery riders who can take the food for quality control checking and portion size packing. The same rider or a different rider will then distribute the food. In order for the process to be transparent, photos of the process have to be taken and posted to the food provider.

So the mobile application and website has different interfaces for the users and delivery riders. GPS navigation will have to be tied in. Feedback options will have to be provided to the users. In addition to this social media campaign has to be fully active in order to keep the public engaged about the cause and keep it well informed about its transparency.

This concluded the phase 1 and then began the real nasty work of phase 2. The developers and graphic designers at ESIPICK had to pull up their socks and get to work. The strategy was to keep things user friendly and aesthetically appealing. This involved the work of our adept designers. The other main focus was to maintain transparency which will make this product more reliable. In order to ensure this, extensive social media campaign had to be maintained so that the food supplier does not feel alienated in the process. There were various choke points but our team kept going and worked their way through these problems.

At ESIPICK, we always plan ahead

The future plan is that application will have an interface for those who want the food delivered to their community, so GPS navigation will provide exact location details to riders so that food can be effectively provided there on time. This problem of food wastage is worldwide so in future this application and website may be extended to cater to international community as well. There are other features that we will be adding on to the original design.

Why ESIPICK chose to be part of RIZQ

What makes this collaboration of ESIPICK with RIZQ even more exciting is the fact that one is contributing to the evolution of the other. Also there is always an inexplicable sense of satisfaction when a company is involved in CSR projects. In this rat race of moving forward and making the most profit, sometimes giving back to society through collaborations like this one proves to be very rewarding. This marriage of charity with technology will be durable and long lasting one.

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