How to Facebook Advertise in Year 2017 for European Businesses

How to Facebook Advertise in Year 2017 for European Businesses

Facebook is an identity for everyone today. It gives every individual entity a small corner to create its own aura. Companies use Facebook pages to publish news about the company, host polls, share ads and a lot more. It has become essential to have a great Facebook presence and companies are pulling huge budget for it.

Like every year, Facebook has determined some statistics that will help change the dynamics of advertisement digitally. For companies that are targeting the European region, we have described three pertinent changes in the trends of advertisement that can help you strategize better.


1) People’s choice is against video ads now

A year ago, video ads on Facebook would bring a hundred percent or so higher reach than plain graphics but people are now just scrolling away. Is it the extended time that ads are using, touching four or five minutes or just a clutter of them in every video stream; yet to be determined but what we do know is that the falling number indicates dissatisfaction. Now what to do? Be yourself. Each brand is unique, has its own theme and promotes its own tagline. Create your point of difference and make sure there is some exciting element about your ad that would make people share it and watch it again.


2) Post Engagement Ads are rolling out

As much as we would think, in this very interactive era, where McDonald’s is opening its kitchen doors to customers, companies aren’t investing as much in post engagement ads anymore. According to Hubspot, advertisers are spending 30% less on post engagement ads today. Still, a new crowd is trying it every day, resulting in a significant increase in the user base. This used to be the most accessible and popular engagement forum for advertisers. Even though major advertisers have cut down their budget, there is a greater majority trying their luck with post engagement ads.


3) Website clicks are back in

Over the past year, we have seen that people are not online scrolling around but also clicking on the given links as well. Website clicks have gone up by 116%, as reported by Hubspot. This means two things, companies should straighten out their website content and secondly should reserve a certain budget for this purpose.

Also, marketers need to learn not to over use website links. Customers should be willing to visit the website often but not forced to read everything off of the website.

Time to change some strategies for this year’s online budget!

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