Rizq, what sharing food is about?

Rizq, what sharing food is about?

It’s wonderful to see how the young lot is more concerned about the society than most of us. There are so many student run organizations that are bringing a social change and the philanthropists of Pakistan are supporting them. Today we won’t discuss movements like Shaukat Khanam or Edhi, but the individual struggles and efforts made every day by students who make a difference.

Rizq is the name of a beautiful organization run by students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) who dedicate their time to fill the plates of the underprivileged. They aren’t running a kitchen, rather developing a system that is self-sustainable by connecting food wasting mechanisms to the hungry and establishing a transparent system of distribution. Their vision entails reducing malnutrition which is as high as 45% in Pakistan, reported by WHO in 2012. It sounds more rational to consume unwanted food than to prepare new as the expenditure of the project would increase massively.

Food Collection

Their food collection process is rather simple. They’ve grown awareness in communities to share their extra food with the organization that collects food from locations and delivers it to underprivileged societies. Along with providing food, they also propagate hygienic values and better dietary habits amongst the disadvantaged so that precautions may be taken. Rizq is keen on establishing a self-sustainable system with 100% transparency so that there is accountability of members and constant urge to perform better.

ESIPICK Cooperate Social Responsibility

Esipick takes pride in contributing to such a beautiful idea. We have aided them with technological support, building their website, providing digital marketing avenues and helping them create a better user experience. We staunchly believe in their cause and hope to aid them in every step that they take.

If you have some left over food to share, don’t be hesitant. It is better to share food than to let it too bad in your fridge.

Contact Rizq at: https://web.facebook.com/Rizq.Sharefood/


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