Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Need based Pricing

Because one shoe does not fit all. Let’s discuss rocket science some other day. Experience, talent and skill sets make each candidate unique; every individual has something different to bring on table for our clients. We love to help our clients get what they really need. 

Value for Money

These are the goto people to add additional resources for your team within budget. You might like to train them for future and they become your most valuable assets. For developers this ranges from 15$ to 20$. For Designers it starts from 20$ to 25$. 

Experienced Hands

Experienced people are a natural choice if you are starting a new project; this category is  perfect for choosing your “first guy”. Nothing beats experience. Average renumeration start from 30$ to 60$ both for designers & developers.  

Special Talent

Open source contributors, Ex Google, Microsoft, Amazon employees, Startup founders fill this category. They are usually busy with their tight schedules and should be choice for consultancy gigs. We arrange them on a per project basis.