Search Engine is a modern product search engine, unlike Google Product search, the search engine is geared toward community driving feedback and Natural language processing to come up with the best search result for users. 

Pricecould is available for major European markets including Swedish, Danish & British customize for both local products and language. 

Pricecloud is a complete eco-system, Pricecloud ships with complementory & Specialized application, Merchand Ads. Merchand Ads provide an easy interface to the marketers so analyze how their products are doing on Pricecloud and apply different advertisement options on Pricecloud platform, like validating their product prices real-time using product feeds.

Pricecloud is modern, NLP & AI backed, community driven Product search for major European markets. 

Tools & Technologies 

  • Laravel & Symphony components 
  • Angular 
  • Zookeeper 
  • Restler 
  • Apache Solr 
  • HAProxy 
  • PhantomJS
  • NLP, Python 
  • Github (Repo)
  • Github Issues For PM
  • Piwik 


Merchants is the complementary platform for Marketer to optimally use Price-cloud Platform.

RestFul Architecture

Highly Scalable & Fault Tolerant, serving more then 20 million Products


Fast search Using Apache Solr 

Natural Language Analyzer

Community driven feedback 

Mobile Friendly 

Imagining a new search experience 

When building platform that will be heavily used over the web, like search engine, there are many things that one has to be careful about. Ensuring the platform can not only scale, but can in a efficient, quick & cost effective manner is critical. 

Disrupting the user for even split of mini-second is out of question. 
Working on such platform, does one encounter problem in a more magnified way. For example, coming up with a intelligent deployment strategy become all of sudden, one the most critical point. 

Ensuring that the system does not have single point of failure, is essential. Securing customer is always a concern, however, for public facing platforms like these, it takes a more central stage. 

From a pure coding and Architectural standpoint, a bad design pattern or bad programming practice can quickly deteriorate the product, and make the project unmaintainable. 

Then there is the challenge of Using the tools ( Apache Solr, Natural Language Processing, Scaleable configuration and Multiple Deployment on several domains) themselves in a way that previously has not been explored and there is little help available, as you are building things, which are not commonplace. 

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