Creating an ERP for floral Whole-seller




Every industry and Organization is different, and has its own requirements. One ERP system that fits all is normally a compromise. 

Liberty Floral, came to us, when they had evaluated other top players in ERP markets. They had reject them plainly for two reasons. 

  1. It was very costly to customize it for their needs, if they go for Salesforce, Dynamic or other such Vendor, as they believe the out of box solution will not be a great fit. 

2. Even after paying hefty amounts they were not sure on the level of customization they will achieve

How we started off (requirements)

ERP systems are big system, the bulk of their development and success is dependent on requirement gathering and planning. 

A poorly planned system is a sure to fail sooner or later. 

It all started with gathering requirements, understanding how the process work. They already had a working ERP based on an older technology for which the support was no longer available. 

The documenting the process was part one. After the initial requirement were gathered, we started to build screen mockups. Low fidelity screen mockup are an essential step in discovering missing elements and getting all stake holders on same page. 

We divided the project into mile-stones and deliverable. 

Migrating old data 

Whenever, you are working over creating a product that is going to shift user from an existing application, the biggest challenge to arise is the migration of old data. It is not uncommon to have completely different way to keep data in the two system. 

Way more then do the actual migration is, the process of planning the migration itself. We spent additional time on planning the migration and were to do a successful migration to the new system.


It is how the features are created makes a difference on how useful the ERP system is.

The core feature of ERP systems includes 

Vendor Management Module 

Sales Order Management Module

Purchase Order Management Module

Reporting & Invoicing 

Calendar & Todos

Smart Analytic on Products, Customer & Items. 

Batch Imports and Exports 


The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen

Typically a good dashboard must have 3 things

1- An automated feed of data, displaying a full picture of what’s happing in the organization.

2- An Organized Actionable metrics 

3- Good meaningful display. 

Building the platform

A dashboard to stay on top of the most needed Actionable data
Sales order generation.

What’s next

ERP systems have long been part of the organization, they are the backbone of a successful enterprise. Organizations that consider them assets then liability are the ones that gets the greatest benefit. 

For Liberty Floral, next is line are the mobile applications for the sales representative to check real time inventory stock levels, as well as the ability to record sales order even when they are not connected to the internet. 

We are pleased to know that Liberty-floral is far more efficient in managing their backend process using the application we build for them. 

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